Abingdon Area Archaeology and History Society

 Abingdon Buildings and People (ABP)

Abingdon Buildings and People is the name of the History Section of the Abingdon Town Council website. It was created and is managed by a group of AAAHS members for the Council and involves original research and writing, mostly by the group but also by outside specialists. Since its start in 2013 it has expanded into a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Abingdon's heritage and history. These pages present the history of the town through short articles on individual buildings and important figures from Abingdon's past. In 2021 it reached over 200 articles. Find it on http://www.abingdon.gov.uk/partners/history

Take a self-guided walk through Abingdon’s history. Choose one of seven walks that take you to more than 40 buildings. Each walk gives you direct weblinks to articles on the buildings and the people associated with them.


Download individual walks as pdfs from the list below, or download the full set as one pdf from here.

Each walk gives you the route with direct links to articles on some of the buildings you will see and the people associated with them.


Walk 1) Bridge Street and Abingdon Bridge

Walk 2) The Guildhall and the Abbey

 Walk 3) East St Helen Street and St Helen's Wharf

Walk 4) St Helen's Churchyard and West St Helen Street

Walk 5) Stert Street, Our Lady and St Edmund's and Barton Court

Walk 6) The High Street, the Square and Ock Street

Walk 7) The Albert Park Area

You can access a map of Abingdon here.   

 We’d welcome your comments on these walks. Please give your feedback here