Do You Know Abingdon?

Various photos of Abingdon buildings, plaques, memorials.

Some are obvious others hopefully more difficult

But where are they?

Click images below for a larger version

Former Pub


Street Widening

King Charles was here

and King William here!

St Ethelwold in 955 he became Abbot of Abingdon

Abingdon's door to nowhere

Former British School

The Ever Young

Finest in the Land

St Edmund

River Stert Culvert

Former-former Police Station

Fitzharris Manor: Alas no more

Fitzharris Manor Mound (site of Norman Castle)

Fitzharris Manor Mound

Former Police Station

Cecil Kimber, founder and director of MG

Barton Court:
King Charles saw his family for the last time here

Abingdon's Maginot Line:
Anti-tank dragon's teeth built during the post-Dunkirk panic

Abingdon's First Blue Plaque?:
The Fortunate Cooper: Lottery Winner

Abingdon in a poem
Do you know the three rivers (one has been imprisoned)?
© David Rayner