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Speaker: Vivienne Larminie (History of Parliament Trust)

Parliament, Politicians and the Thames Valley, 1640-60.

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The Lost Abbey Project Provisional Documentation

Radley College Historical Postcards

Click for the radio broadcast Manfred Brod speaks to Radio Oxford about St Edmund of Abingdon

Dick Barnes : Early History of Computing Some early British calculating devices

Lesley Pedder: Memories of Caldecott House

The ABINGDON I REMEMBER Transcribed from copy held by Judy White, with added sub-headings and minor changes to punctuation. The date and author are unknown. Describes Abingdon c.1920, but probably written c.1960.

Despite being a very personal account and lack of a date or author, it is probably the best detailed description of Abingdon as it was in the early 20th century. Somebody must know who the author was?

Click here to read "ABINGDON? YES, I REMEMBER WHEN"

Abingdon History Hot Topics

Abingdon Historical Bibliography (Michael Harrison)

Abingdon Historical Bibliography Michael Harrison has asked us to safeguard this list

1913 Stert St Flash Flood (Michael Harrison)

The Ghosts of Abingdon Gaol

Click here for more details about a very sad case (historical accuracy in doubt)

Video of Accurate Model of Abingdon Station

Excellent Video of Abingdon Railway (Model)

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Ock Street Remembered: an Abingdon Community

Ock St Group Website

1947 Abingdon Flood Memories

We were flooded at Caldecott Farm House in 1946 or 47. That time there was no warning and I came downstairs to find my wooden clogs floating in a foot of yucky river water in the kitchen.

Because I was a child it was a novelty and school was cancelled but it was heartbreak for the adults who had to shovel out the slimy mud and survey the damage once the water receded. The fetid aroma of the Ock remained for months. J.C. Canada

2007 Abingdon Flood Photos

In the early hours of Sunday morning (22nd July) the Police frantically woke Abingdon residents in forty streets to warn of the impending floods. Many of those residents went downstairs and stepped barefoot into cold water; the Ock had burst its banks.

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Marcham/Frilford Roman Dig

Abingdon on Wikipedia

Tesdale House WWI Military Hospital

Milton Hill House WWI Military Hospital

Who are these people?

Abingdon's Lost Railway Line (to Radley)

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St Helen's Dig Summer 2005

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Activity: Samuel Pepy's Walk 1668

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AAAHS Aerial Photos 2005

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Abingdon's First World War Roll of Honour

Sue McIntyre has supplied us with an original copy of the Roll of Honour. This has now been scanned, this is a list of all Abingdonians who served in the Great War, not just those who died.
Roll of Honour

40th Anniversary of Abingdon's Terrible Aircrash July 1965

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The Vale Islanders: 17th Century Dancers

Diggers : Archaeological Section

The Society organises archaeological excavations around the Abingdon area, and has an enthusiastic digging team. There are usually several excavations running at any one time Click here for Digger Website Section.

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Local history studies are encouraged, and several members have their own areas of study which they actively pursue..

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